Winters in Alberta can seem very cold when you are used to a warmer temperature. During our winter season the temperature is often below 0 degrees and the winds can make the temperature feel even colder – this is known as windchill. When not dressed properly for the winter your skin can be injured if exposed for too long. It is important to be aware of Frostbite and Hypothermia while enjoying outdoor activities in the winter. Signs of Frostbite can include: reddened skin, feeling of numbness, burning and tingling. Hypothermia occurs when the body is losing heat faster than it can make it. Signs of hypothermia include shivering, cold, pale or blue-grey skin, mild unsteadiness, slurred speech, and numb hands and fingers.  

Before heading outside with your little ones for some winter fun, dress your kids accordingly:

  • A thick, windproof coat with room for layers underneath

  • Boots with warm lining and grip to prevent your child from slipping

  • A hat or toque that covers your ears

  • Lined gloves or mittens

  • A scarf or ski mask to wear over your nose and mouth to protect your lungs from the cold air

  • Warm layers of clothing underneath

Winter Adventure Walk

Staying cooped up inside for too long can leave everyone feeling a little grumpy. While we sometimes shy away from going out into the cold, spending time outside is a sure-fire way to promote physical activity, stimulate the imagination and lift everyone’s mood!

Once you’ve bundled up, try our winter adventure walk in your neighborhood or try exploring a new area of town; there’s lots of parks and trails to discover. When you’re finished your adventure, you can make a map or draw a picture of all the places you’ve visited.

Click below for The Hub’s Winter Adventure Walk activity:

Safety and Fun Tips for Snow Forts

Always have someone outside with you when you are building a snow fort since cave-ins can be very dangerous. If you are planning on adding a ceiling, ensure that there isn’t too much weight. When building a snow fort, much preparation must go into the safety of it. Also, avoid building snow forts and buildings near the road and highways since this creates problems in safety for the traffic. Carbon monoxide fumes can accumulate inside your fort, which can eventually lead to CO poisoning and possibly death. Building away from public places will also help with keeping your fort up longer.

Snow forts and food coloring are a great combination. If you decided to decorate your snow fort, take some food coloring and mix it with about a cup of water for a diluted solution. Pour this solution into an old spray bottle and spray directly onto the fort to make some awesome designs. Decorating your newly built snow creation is the best part!

Outdoor Skating Rinks:

  • Abasand - Found on Athabasca Avenue near Father Beauregard School

  • Gregoire - Found near Greely Road School

  • Thickwood - Found at the corner of Hinge Bay and Signal Road

  • Timberlea - Found near St. Anne's Schools on Brett Drive

  • Timberlea - Found at the Syncrude Athletic Park

  • Waterways - Located on Bulyea Avenue