Birthday Party Rental

Who can rent:

The Hub supports registered families by allowing them to rent the Downtown Hub location on Sundays for birthday parties.

Note: No booking is final until we have verified you are a registered family. 

Notice: We do not rent out the Timberlea Location.


The cost is $38 per hour, for a minimum of three hours.

$100 Damage Deposit required

Popcorn machine rental - $60

Popcorn bags $3 each

Hot Dog machine rental $60

How to rent:

Check availability of the Hub, reserve your time slot, and pay online. 

The Hub only rents out to birthday parties on Sundays from 9am-8pm. Maximum of one birthday party per Sunday.

Terms and Conditions 

In the event that there are damages to either piece of equipment or loss of any accessories, damage deposit will NOT be refunded.

Renter is to use at own risk, The Hub Family Resource Centre is not liable for any injuries such as burns, or any other health issues.

·        Outside shoes must remain on shoe rack

·        Lock front door once all guest has arrived

·        Only use main area plus kitchen area

·        Program room MUST not be used

·        Bring own plates, napkins etc.

·        Stove & oven may be used (please clean after)

·        Fridge may be used

·        Food is to remain in kitchen area

·        If you require more toilet paper or paper towel you will find it in the laundry room (by bathrooms)

·        Cancellation MUST be made the Monday prior to party or otherwise the deposit will NOT be refunded

·        In the event of loss of key the deposit will NOT be refunded

·        Absolutely No Bouncy Castles

·        Rental cost must be paid in full at the time of key pick up ($38.00 per hour)

·        Renter will be obligated to come to Hub Franklin to sign a key out the Friday before the assigned date.

·        The HUB Key(s) must be returned to the The Hub Franklin by the end of business (4pm) on the following business day after your birthday party.

·        No alcohol on premises

·        Decorations are allowed but not on walls or doors

(Please note: Facility is video surveillance at all times)

Hub Renter checklist


o         Make sure all toys are put back in original places

o         All tables & chairs put away

o         All garbage taken out (dumpster behind building)

o         Bathroom checked and cleaned

o         All dirty dishes put in dishwasher

o         Sweep & vacuum

o         All decorations taken down

o         Both front & back door locked upon departure



 1. Plug in machine. Turn on all three switches. 2. Allow kettle to warm for approximately 5 minutes. 3. Cut off top of plastic pack, and dump the entire contents in kettle. Shut the lid to allow oil to heat up. (Approx. 30-60 seconds)4. While corn is popping, keep front operator doors slightly ajar to prevent fogging. Keep hopper door at “out” position to aid in catching stray popcorn. 5. Popcorn will pop quickly, and when the popping ceases, usually when 3-4 seconds lapse between pops. Then pour remaining popped corn from kettle by pulling down on the kettle handle. TURN BOTH THE KETTLE HEAT AND MOTOR SWITCH OFF. 6. Repeat steps 1-5 for additional batches. 7. Turn KETTLE switch to OFF position when finished preparing popcorn; POWER or LIGHT switch may remain ON to display and heat popcorn. 

IMPORTANT PRECAUTIONS • Always have the kettle motor switch OFF when not popping corn. • The kettle will get very hot! USE CAUTION ALWAYS. • Water must NEVER be put on the popping KETTLE! • Never lift machine from the top section. Machine is heavy and it must be lifted from the base by at least 2 persons. • Damage to machine will result in non-returned damage deposit.


Wait at least one hour until the kettle has completely cooled. The kettle is very hot – USE CAUTION. **DO NOT IMURSE KETTLE IN WATER* 2. Wipe all oil off the inside and outside of the kettle with a DRY clean soft cloth.  3. Use cleaning supplies that are provided only.

KETTLE REMOVAL - 1. Make sure unit is NOT connected to a power supply. UNPLUG power cord. 2. Unplug the kettle pigtail from the socket located in the chassis of the machine (ceiling). 3. Lift the kettle from the two slots on both sides of machine. 4. Gently pull kettle out of the two slots. 5. TO INSTALL: Reverse steps 1-4. If cleaning of the machine is not satisfactory, will result in non-returned damage deposit.


Operation Procedures

Fill the water pan with water, up to 8 quarts. The warmer the water, the faster the machine will heat up. For optimal performance, we recommend distilled water. Insert Hotdog and bun trays and divider. Plug cord in and turn the POWER switch to ON. Turn heat control to “HIGH” position. This will turn on the heating element in the base of the unit. The machine should start producing steam. The indicated area on the dial is the optimal setting. Place up to 45 hotdogs to begin with in the lower hotdog compartment and steam. Please note: More hotdogs can be added when unit is fully heated. BE SURE TO ARRANGE HOTDOGS LOOSELY TO ALLOW THE STEAM TO CIRCULATE FREELY BETWEEN EACH OF THEM. All meats should have an internal temperature of 140 degrees Fahrenheit (60 C) before serving. Once all hotdogs have reached serving temperature turn the thermostat down to between 160- 170 degrees F (71-77 C) to keep them warm. CAUTION: Use tongs to remove buns and hotdogs from the steamer as the product will be hot to the touch. Place several buns in the top bun compartment. Place buns as needed. This is a highly efficient steam generator and warmer. Leaving buns in too long will result in either soggy or overcooked buns. If the low water Indicator light comes on, add up to 4 more quarts of water to restart the heating element. Steam is vaporized water… the visible white mist that is condensation as a result of boiling water mixing with the cooler air. This mist does consist of tiny droplets of liquid water. Please take this into consideration when placing the Dog Hut. There will be condensation, drops of water and possible pooling of water in, on and around the Dog Hut and the surface on which it is placed.

Cleaning Instructions

WARNING: To reduce electrical shock or injury always make sure the machine is turned off and unplugged before cleaning. • Empty the water pan using the quick turn water release valve located on the side of the unit. The water can get greasy, so it is essential that it be changed frequently. CAUTION: the water will be hot! • Carefully remove glass doors and all interior components. (bun trays, hot dog trays and dividers) to clean the two rails that support the bun trays, remove the fasteners and lift the rails out. • Wash all interior parts as well as hood and door and water pan as necessary with soap and water. • The stainless-steel body of the steamer is easy to keep clean. Usually a damp cloth will remove all dirt and grease spots. NEVER USE ABRASIVES on the stainless-steel body, or the vinyl labels. Clean gently with soap and water. • The glass should always be clean and sparkling. Remember the inside of the glass must be cleaned too. • Clean base of unit with damp cloth and dry. Use care to avoid damaging the float switch. • Take special precautions when cleaning around electrical switches on control panel. Use a damp cloth. NEVER spray or allow any water to run near seams on control panel that may allow circuits to be damp or wet inside of component box. Use a damp sponge or cotton swab applicator to clean plastic knobs. NEVER use water on the electrical components in the base.